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Friends and Family: Esthetix, Eugene Dolz, Phil Gerus, and Gillepsy
New dancefloor publications from both solo artists and ensembles this week underscore the importance of support systems, either in childhood or when professional obstacles loom later on in life.
Boom-Bap Redux: Boora, Mad Che, Smuff tha Quiz, and Aalon$e
Several beatmakers in and around the Moscow DOPE90 collective are working hard to resurrect the sound of 90s' boom bap. The main reason they sample old US instrumentals is found at home.
A Private Choreography: Mayak, Bigudi, Kai Engel, and Absorb the Sun
From a series of Russian and Ukrainian towns, four new releases investigate the benefits of solitude. Introspection leads to a different type of self-promotion, in which anonymity and silence are key.
Wild Sounds: Vagiant, IWFYLS, Colonial Hunter, and Crocodile Mansion
Much inspiration can be drawn from the scale of Russia's wilderness; it certainly informs the music of many local ensembles. These four bands, however, look further still across the horizon...
Solitude versus Isolation: Honey, Tavl, DelMaind, and Cao Sao Vang
Several downtempo and glitch-hop releases from Russia and Ukraine this week are built around the theme of solitude. A productive tension develops between the (elitist) desire for isolation and the basic need for an audience.
Greater Distances (and Discord): New Noise from Kaliningrad and Omsk
Two recent events in Kaliningrad and Omsk suggest a connection between geography and style. A new compilation CD and a summertime festival have combined in ways that make levels of sonic discord relative to physical distance.
The 4Colours: Cautiously Making Big Plans from a Small Location
The 4Colours formed last year in Kaliningrad, the small enclave of Russian territory wedged between Poland and Lithuania. In their own words, the group "consists of four best friends who all differ in their character and moods. Each song by The 4Colours, therefore, is a combination of all the ba...
Polar Lights: Music from the Edge of Terra Firma
Yesterday a debut EP entitled "Platforma" appeared from Kaliningrad, the result of recent labors by three young locals.  More specifically, we have music by Kirill Pavlyashik (below), production by Sasha Khiznyakov, and some appealing artwork (above) by Andrei Kvasov.  The sounds presented on...

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