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Volchok: "Villages" and a Chekhovian Sadness
Volchok (tr: Wolf Cub) began - and endure - as a duo: Larisa Timerkaeva and Ilya Udovenko. Originally from the industrial, provincial city of Izhevsk, they both now operate from Moscow.
An Odd Sense of Home: Weloveyouwinona, Xuman, Volchok, and KDIMB
One of the biggest - and most basic - choices faced by a Slavic band today is that of language. The same choice is often dictated by assumptions of better job options, either abroad or at home.
Despite It All: Cooper Phillip, Baikal, D-Pulse, and Grisha Liubit Grusha
Cooper Phillip, as readers of FFM know, is a Los Angeles-based singer of Slavic roots. According to some well-worn stereotypes, Russian pessimism falls away once her career blossoms on a distant shore.
ABC Galaxy: Captain Eureka (FFM11)
ABC Galaxy (Roman Skarednov, Izhevsk): "The 'Captain Eureka' album is an attempt to combine motifs of euphoria, pleasure, panic, and horror. There are parallels with the current economic state in Russia"
Introspection: Sportloto, Volta Cab, Marsbeing, Elo Method, and 1618
It might seem obvious that anybody composing dance music would harbor thoughts of a busy environment in which he/she is eventually celebrated. These EPs, however, speak of quieter places.
Growing Networks: Plantae, Muc J, Mr. KiD, and BMB aka Space Kid
A series of downtempo, wonky, and bass recordings from Russian industrial cities look for superior values. Nature's flourishing networks offer more appeal than factories and smokestacks.
Nu-Disco or Wagner: Anturage, E!t, Eclectic Sound, and Stardust for Sirens
"What's In the Box" is a sub-label of Moscow's Highway Records, specializing in deep-house and nu-disco. A fresh compilation is about to appear: between the contributors, a shared outlook transpires.
Tiny Networks: Non Cadenza, Synecdoche Montauk, Plantae, and Tiiiza
From a range of styles - bridging jazz funk and sedative wave - a common outlook emerges on modern subjectivity. Across unrelated publications, various performers see the promise of selfhood as inherently social.
Basslines from the Armory of Russia: Keysound and Shyam (aka Darwin)
Two young house projects from Izhevsk and Grodno ponder various forms of escape. One dreams of distant Jamaican beaches, the other of a homeless, immersive experience on the dancefloor
Plantae: A New EP & Interview on "the Cosmos... plus Other Things"
Last month, for the first time, we drew attention to the work of a young musician known as Plantae, operating from the industrial city of Izhevsk. Although his real/quotidian identity remains a mystery, we were able to unearth a reasonable context from various online sources. As we noted, "a littl...
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