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New Mixes and Masks: Wols, Micromusic, Neon Tiger, Bajinda, and I-Y-A
As professional pressures increase around young artists, three responses transpire: look fondly to the past, adopt a new onstage identity, or plow adamantly onwards...
The Spirit of Vegas in an Unlucky Land: Silver Pills and Komnata
Komnata and Silver Pills are a couple of young pop collectives who, despite their differences, both draw frequently upon themes of luck. As work gets harder, that belief in good fortune has to grow accordingly...
Silver Pills: Badly-Behaved Octopi on a "Mission from God"
Silver Pills are a new duo from the city of Ivanovo, maybe 200 miles from Moscow. As most histories of the town point out, due to the traditionally high number of female employees in local textile factories, Ivanovo is often referred to as the "City of Brides." Whatever the truth of that stateme...

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