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The Sounds of a Meaningless Heritage: Rock's Seasonal Roundup
As FFM reconsiders some of the Russian and Belarusian rock recordings of winter 2016, a common theme emerges of self-deprecation. Albeit with strange benefits.
Retreat: Universe Inside, Cao Sao Vang, Low Orbit Satellite, and Radiokoala
Placed end to end, four new electronic recordings from Russia and Belarus advocate a retreat into silence. Nothingness holds more appeal than specificity.
Sea and Stars: Moskva-Kassiopeya, I Del'finy, The Cancel, and Funkyjaws
The promise and scale of Soviet science fiction continue to inspire a wide range of young musicians. On occasion, the daunting distances of local geography foster similar imagery.
From Spontaneity to Absurdity: Corner Room and Razbitae Serca Pacana
Corner Room and Razbitae Serca Pacana are from the Belarusian cities of Minsk and Grodno. Comparisons are also possible in the way these performers try to find styles to match a very unpredictable world outside the studio
Darwin & Prix: Dance Music from Nowhere in Particular
In the last few days, we have posted several articles about the shift of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian music from hard media (sold in shops) to the more anonymous and amorphous spaces of the internet. Without the concrete locations of those slowing vanishing retail outlets - with their fixe...
Earworm: The Squirmy EP
Yesterday we got our hands on a long-awaited EP from Belarusian outfit Earworm, entitled - fittingly enough - "Squirmy."  This six-track, 25-minute recording comes to us from a relatively experienced band, founded in 2004 when four musicians came together from unrelated projects.  They were un...

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