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Serious Soundwaves: Tronical, The Other Side, Nuessence, and The Neft
The young, yet productive netlabel Santon Records has announced an important compilation: "Crystal Waves." It showcases a wide range of artists working in future bass, trap, fidget house, and similar dancefloor styles.
Gazing Further into the Distance: SLP, Madfriend, and PRKHRV
A number of producers from suburban Moscow and Krasnodar strive to bridge the gap between daydreams and actuality. As everyday experience refuses to play along, the scale of romantic wistfulness only grows...
Animated Sounds: Lazzich, Plotka, Microfunk, and Two Subself Remixes
Some deep house and dub-tech recordings from various locations this week draw upon metaphors of silence and (unhurried) geology. All are used in order to advocate the charms of slow, silent, and collective activity; they are also used to counter a noisy maximalism outside.
Subversion and History's Lessons: Vandal Beats and Evil Minds
The stage names of Vandal Beats and Evil Minds would suggest a wantonly destructive outlook. And yet these two artists, from St Petersburg and Elektrostal', have a much more nuanced view of subversion
Clouds in My Home: The Various Uses of Water Vapor as a Worldview
This week sees the release of a gorgeous new EP from Passage, the “ambient sub-division” of the Fragment netlabel that was formed earlier this year. In the label’s own words, this publication outlet is designed to “explore the deepest, most appealing forms of abstract musical expression....

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