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Sound Waves and Dark Spirits: VEiiLA, The Bajikans, Bright Falls, and Waltz
The Saint Petersburg duo VEiiLA uses some mythical figures to explain the power of sound over ostensible reality. Any ability of music to counter local misery, however, depends very much on one's location.
An Expansive World: Pixelord, Neon Lights, Doyeq, and RezQ Sound
The physical destruction in Donetsk is only one form of material failure encountered by Slavic musicians today. Together they head for digital realms instead.
Different Volumes: Van, TV Maskava, Pivo Srakami, and Cao Sao Vang
Four very different recordings from Russia and Latvia ponder the meaning of a "provincial" location. Some of them fall to black humor or despair; others, however, discover rare comfort in romance.
A Subtle Wit: Kulakostas, Moosemaan, Candee Train, and Control Light
These musicians from Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania all have new recordings to announce. They also embody a happy indifference to a surrounding world of public failure.
Sounds of a Humbling Vision: Stoned Boys, Clonki, Hotblaq, and SC49
The theme of humility emerges in new electronic recordings from Donetsk, Moscow, Balakovo, and Omsk. Thoughts of industry, nature's grandeur, and even science fiction make confident authorship difficult.
The Nanoloopsis Label: Knolios, Art Electronix, Mr. Dee, and Sun Inside
Nanoloopsis is a minimal- and deep-techno label based in the industrial city of Donetsk. Through various parallels with the heritage of Detroit, tales of artistic and technical industry come to the fore.
Astral Tones: Sport & Music, Naive Diver, Astronaut Ape, and Brickman
Beginning in a major center of Ukrainian industry, a handful of downtempo recordings investigate the appeal of distant, quieter places. Introspection, prescription drugs, and space travel are three of the options...
Hunting High and Low: DOK, Blooming Plum, and Everything by Electricity
These three collectives raise questions about their own raison d'etre: for whom do they perform? Is their music more important for local or faraway audiences? The answers have precious little to do with career advancement
Witch House and Zombie Raves: The Soundtrack to Slavic Reality
The slow, ominous music known as "witch house" has not only taken hold in the West. Several recordings have popped up in Russia, applying dark tales of disorientation to local matters. The nation, it seems, is full of witches and zombies
That Black: The “Staggering, Yet Encouraging Story” of Timelessness
Donetsk is a major industrial city in eastern Ukraine. Now home to almost a million people, its size is very much a consequence of the twentieth century. It grew almost ten-fold over the first few Soviet decades - and then would double again after 1945. This ascent to its current dimensions was fa...
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