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Beyond Convention: [21d], Classic Moove, and Billiam Wutler Yea
The common ground between these projects (from Togliatti, Kudymkar, and Dmitrov) lies in their use of ambient noise. They find promising, yet disconcerting liberties beyond social, spatial, and even mortal limits. The results can be worrying.
A Long Look at Absurdity: Chushi, Alexander Haletski, and Wazuhiru
These young instrumentalists from Dmitrov, Moscow, and Minsk turn to significances beyond the ken of language. Through tools such as the Vocoder or the tricks of turntablism, they consider the role of silence within stuttering, faulty sentences.
Everyday Hopes and Dreams: Chushi, Flakes428, Astronaft, and Naive Diver
New recordings from the ancient towns of Moscow's periphery draw upon the retro-instruments of Soviet fantasy films. The tools once used to orchestrate science fiction are now applied to today's social challenges

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