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Megatone: How to Apply Hindu Philosophy to Post-Soviet Society
Megatone is the stage name of Marcel Gherman, a DJ and journalist from the Republic of Moldova. He is best known for a series of radio programs he hosted between 1994 and 2003, designed on state airwaves to keep the public abreast of new developments in post-Soviet electronica. The titles alone...
Bogdan Dullsky and the Limits of Language
A little over a year ago, Moldova-based instrumentalist Bogdan Dullsky released the experimental album “Freedom Reflex: One." It was made available through the Italian label Setola di Maiale.  At the time, Dullsky was the backbone of QuestRoom Project, whom we had already discussed with some...
"Who Knows?" Good Music, Dodgy Furniture
Who Knows? - often referred to by the simpler, less confusing moniker "WK?" - are a large, messy, and often marvelous outfit.  They were founded in the summer of 1997, more specifically in the Moldovan capital of Kishinev.  Judging by the recent picture above, those twelve years of work have p...
Bogdan Dullsky and Zolotu: Concrete Sounds and Spirits
Much attention is paid on this site to the positioning of Russian music relative to other sounds:  both to the past and other, simultaneous trends overseas.  In other words, it's a process of comparing and contrasting.  But what about the sounds that are not chosen, the sonic background that'...
CD-R and Quest.Room.Project — “Digital Snow”
This free compilation/collaboration, released today, is well worth your time - if you can actually hear it. The opening track is barely audible and undoubtedly the quietest piece of music on this site. Its authors describe it as the introduction to "electroacoustic glitch or 'post-noise.'" "P...

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