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Two Teachers, Shoulder to Shoulder: Anton Maskeliade and Valotihkuu
New publications from Anton Maskeliade and Valotihkuu have a pedagogical intent. The former artist is actually a teacher; the latter hopes to champion the importance of noiseless humility.
2muchachos: "A Forest Is Not What It Seems" (Cherepovets, FFM20)
2muchachos, based in the town of Cherepovets , turn the crackle and rustle of a tape-music aesthetic into the soundtrack for small-scale botanical bustle.
Empty Patterns: Far from Here (Cherepovets, FFM8)
"As I was writing these Empty Patterns tracks, I imagined all kinds of empty buildings to myself. They included large and vacuous halls, in the center of which a gramophone was playing..."
Distant or Elusive Aspirations: Clonki, x.y.r., SiJ, and More Oblakov
Within a number of Slavic electronic recordings this week, desire is an enduring theme. Alternatives to dull actuality are sought in local forests, on distant shores, or within classic literature of the Nineteenth Century.
A Vague, Distant Promise: Aleph, 813, Valotihkuu, and PCのMuseum
Some leading exponents of Russian electronica publish a range of EPs that overlap philosophically. They all, to some degree, consider the nature of desire - and whether the best dreams never come true.
Hidden from View: Anna Pingina, Maygley, 2muchachos, and Silver Sepp
The importance of folkloric narratives and a premodern ethos endure for some Russian and Estonian performers. In each case, the allure of yesterday is imagined as some vaguely perceived source of light.
A Celebration of Limits: Qube Unite, Archngl, Spacewide, and Pixelord
Given the speed of technical evolution in modern music, even young composers recall the "limited" tools with which they once worked. Oddly enough, poor instruments are remembered with fondness, as they fostered DIY innovation.
Nature's Growing Promise: 2muchachos, Miru Water, Osmenog, and Wols
Four recordings - from Russia's south and several Siberian cities - all turn to nature for inspiration. The result, as an antidote to modern anxiety, is a hushed series of sounds, made in anticipation of springtime.
Fluttering Hearts: Valotihkuu, 813, and the Taprikk Sweezee Remixes
Various examples of new bass music from around Russia this week deliberately employ lo-fi media. These most fragile tools recall a time when tape flutter was a sign of music played endlessly - and with much love.
Escape Plans: Yellow Blue Bus, 2muchachos, and The Cats' Orchestra
All three of these recordings come from noisy locations, caught between factories or inconsiderate neighbors. As a result, the opportunity to celebrate solitude, peace, and quiet in musical form can be rare indeed.
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