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Hometowns and Hope: Velkómnirheíma, SV Hutor, Tiiiza, & Ocean Shiver
New electronic recordings from Moscow and three provincial towns consider the relationship of one's address to hope. In all cases, the biggest and best daydreams will require leaving home.
Fleeting Youth: Vstrecha Ryby, Trud, Devushka Shkol'nika, and Jack Wood
The innocence of youth is treated with bittersweet retrospection in some new songs from Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, and Moscow. All of these artists imply that childhood's naivety and hope are unlikely to survive for long.
Nowhere in Particular: Biblioteka, EIMIC, February, and Blackpaperplanes
Through their use of other languages, employment overseas, and various forms of Wanderlust, these four bands work hard to ignore domestic culture. Anywhere - and anything - looks better than home.
High above the Rooftops: TosyaChai, Dropps, Dobra, and SunMan24
As material constraints frustrate a number of young Russian musicians, thoughts turn to various kinds of ascent. Poems are dedicated to movement above the rooftops - and even into the stars.
Yielding: Glintshake, Okudjav, Commercial Marines, and Universe Inside
In a range of new recordings from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and Chelyabinsk, aimlessness comes to the fore. These young musicians have scant faith in social progress: "uselessness" becomes their goal.
Aspiration: Evgeny Bardyuzha, Bring Bliss, and Four KOS.MOS Artists
In the face of geographic, commercial, and industrial challenges, these Russian and Ukrainian artists manage to stay optimistic. They take faith from history, Soviet rockets, distant stars, and poetry.
Intimacy: Siba.Pro, Dualline, Hann with Gun, Paradeigma, and Zimne
The Metagalaxy Festival in Chelyabinsk has become a center for abstract hip- and trip-hop. Not surprisingly, many of the regional participants share a desire to escape social crudity.
Fighting for Tranquility: Denis A, Gvozdini, Sensetive5, and Shyam
Four house DJs from Moscow, Kiev, Lviv, and Chelyabinsk all have new work on display that's framed in an upbeat spirit. The dancefloor is promoted as a place of rare escapism and calm. Social pressures, however, stubbornly endure.
Heartwarming Sounds from Cold Places: The Best Dream Compilation
A new compilation of abstract hip-hop has just come to light from the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. A wide range of young artists, many from small towns, consider the benefits of high hope and romance.
Miniature Dance Steps: Ufmo, Take the Shot, and a Secret Compilation
Not all forays onto the dancefloor end in unbridled displays of abandon. Some delicately crafted, foot-tapping instrumentals from around Russia ponder the enduring charm of rhythmic understatement and "smallness."
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