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Courage and Kindness: InfiniteWays, Astronaft, Mezzamo, and Jekka
Some new electronic pop recordings address various fantasies: space travel, ecological harmony, and even social charity. One after another, those magical potentials are frustrated by local actuality.
Willful Vanishing Acts: FPRF, Nathree, Delta X, and Maria Minerva
Sounds from Bryansk, Novosibirsk, Mariupol, and Tallinn use a dream-pop or shoegazing aesthetic to suggest some realms beyond solipsism. In order to move past private experience, though, selfhood must first be erased.
A Kind of Moscow Melancholia: Jet Plane, Inna Pivars, and Catzilla
On a day of widespread social romance in Russia, we look at three different kinds of reverie and the "dreamy" genres used to express them. They come from Bryansk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.
Jet Plane: Capable of Moving Complete Strangers to Tears
Jet Plane are from Briansk, an industrial town maybe 200 miles to the south of Moscow. Although now a center for various forms of heavy industry, that air of stability is not reflected in the region's history, which records all manner of warring factions and their violent claims of ownership. Repr...
Three Instrumental Albums from RAIG, 2009: A Bridge from Romance to Realism
As 2009 passes into the distance, we feel duty bound to draw readers' attention to some of the releases that either passed us by or simply hid in a corner until January 1st. One good place in which to tidy a few odds and ends would be the 2009 catalog of Moscow's Russian Association of Independe...
The Gromovs: "Nightingale"
One of the most impressive TV series in recent years has been "The Gromovs" (Gromovy) about a family in a Russian mining town of the 1970s. It convincingly reproduced the atmosphere of a decade for which many people today feel understandable nostalgia. The political climate under Brezhnev was (t...

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