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Mobile Effort: Dai Darogu!, Palac, Z. Vaitshyushkevich, and Drum Ecstasy
Following a series of awards in the Belarusian press, we look at four projects from around the country. What has rock music meant to them and does it still have any connection to the past?
Flashbacks and Quips: Dandyskills, Chikiss, Arm Author, and Coca Color
Any music that invokes the style of late '80s synth-pop will have a special resonance in the Russian context. Put mildly, a lot was happening in the country. That same sense of heady expectation is now handled with mild irony.
Three Degrees of Freedom: Nino Katamadze, Plum Bum, and Cabaret
The wonderful Nino Katamadze has published a new CD in her ongoing series of conceptually linked albums. The lasting importance of improvisation in that work has interesting historical precedents

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