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An Unspoken Bond: Batagov, Kourliandski, Manotskov, and Karmanov
Moscow's Fancy Music encourages various trajectories: rock, jazz, electronic, and "contemporary." Some representatives of that final rubric establish a common worldview - from Siberia to New York.
Traveling Far: Yuka, Mark Meino, Alpha-Beta, and KosMosMusic
Several new techno and Goa trance recordings hope to erase binary notions such as here/there, material/spiritual, and so forth. On a lesser scale, escapism can be satisfied with a good vacation, too.
A Siberian Sense of Freedom: Yuka, Tronical, Aleph, and Pixelord
Three new dance recordings from Siberia arguably share a philosophical connection. Does their place of origin lead to a specific worldview - something that endures as their authors travel?
In Rapid Retreat: Hospital, 417.3, Planeta Pluton, and Polska Radio One
All the way from melodic britpop to psychedelia and math rock, these new publications question the appeal of wordy, social norms. Little by little, they mark a retreat from both language and polished grandeur.

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