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Songs of Hope: Artemiev, Tally Ho, Pogi Namp, and Evil Bear Boris
As several bands look at their future options, especially whilst forming side-projects, the possibility of "success" looms large. Not everybody, however, likes the look of perfection.
From Trip-Core to a Gentler Escapism: The Eat2Pills Compilation
A new Russo-Ukrainian compilation has appeared online, designed to counter the narrow generic limits of primetime product. For all the celebration of diversity, though, one style best suits local experience: trip-hop.
Tally Ho! and Clubbing Muslims: What's In a Name, apart from Trouble?
Much of the songwriting presented on this site comes from the periphery of Slavic entertainment: unrepresented on television, radio, or in major press outlets, it is evolving on a small scale in other realms, primarily online. For most people in most places, therefore, these lyricists, singers, an...

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