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Love Songs and Likelihood: Auroraw, New Maps, Shadazz, and Phooey!
Hoping to develop their careers in a meaningful fashion, these bands consider writing uplifting or consoling love songs. Reality, however, unfolds in strange ways and fosters a less optimistic outlook.
A Liberating Negation: Sonic Death, Cockamamie, Mokroshelky, and KSI
Despite assumptions that Russian noise- and garage rock might might be interested in a range of social agendas, some new recordings suggest that an apolitical stance means more.
Always Looking Up: Veins, Knhbtz, Tineidae, and Astrocowboys
From the graveyard motifs of new witch-house to an ironic reconsideration of Soviet synth-pop, one thing connects these publications. A desire to find something worthy of hope above material existence.
Loud Promotion of a Lyric Register: YAMMI, GDR, and Tally Ho!
Three bands from Moscow, Barnaul, and Belgorod all offer the kind of melodic pop-rock that could find wide appeal. Given the clamorous nature of primetime media, however, even lyricism needs to advertise itself loudly.
Three Recordings in Search of Silence: Revshark, The Kirbi, and Briem
Toying with aspects of dub techno, glitch-hop, and other forms of understatement, these artists from Siberia, St Petersburg, and Kiev all speak in praise of humility. That validation of smallness and silence helps to amplify other, grander issues...
New Downtempo and Trip-Hop Releases: The Architecture of Happiness
Four fresh downtempo and trip-hop releases this month share a common emphasis upon solitude and adult disenchantment. They do so through a rejection of urban experience - and the buildings thereof
Kites, Tai!, and Katia Gordon: Three Very Different Searches for Moderation
New releases from three very(!) different ensembles have shed light upon the role of moderation, an artistic middle ground, and even MOR songwriting in the Russian context
Siberian Turmoil: Noise Reactor and The First Train to Nowhere
A few weeks ago, a new netlabel was launched in Moscow by the name of Noise Reactor. In its own words, the project has been formed "both for the production and distribution of music in the field of 'noise.' This new label is the kind of place where it's possible to make a terrible racket!" No...
Kites: The "Inside" EP and Troubles with Friendly Fire
Kites are from southern Siberia and – seemingly – a band with no history whatsoever. If we take a look at their page on V kontakte, one of the tiny rubrics is given over to fans’ suggestions. This section of the site was no doubt created because the current area dedicated to reviews of the b...
The Kirbi: Death-Metal versus a Baby Girl
A couple of months ago we covered the small electronic outfit from Barnaul, Siberia known as The Kirbi.  The project now centers primarily on the solo efforts of Denis Fomenko, shown below.  In that earlier post we focused on the recent leanings of Fomenko towards a more ambient sound, somethi...
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