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Just One Letter: Kobra, Awlnight, Sasha Vinogradova, Mariqa & Armanjazz
A series of new publications from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and provincial Belarus all give thought to the slimmest of differences between matters "cosmic and comic."
The Value of Privacy: Neon Lights, Jenia Lubich, Luka, Jwush, and Arktor
From a St. Petersburg studio to provincial Belarus, four new recordings center around the importance of privacy. Personal desire works hard to save itself from the outside world.
Fantasies: Casey Cat, Man of Jungle, Deep Shoq, and Nomadum Mantis
Some fantastic animals are used in order to tell a story of romantic escape: star-bound cats, African monkeys, rabbits, and even a praying mantis. Together with a little 1930s' swing, imagination runs wild.
Precious Nostalgia: Jelly Groove, Children of the 90s, and Adam Beker
The theme of nostalgia emerges in new recordings from Kiev, Vilnius, and Babruysk (Belarus). Although they initially display a love for UK culture, these musings on the past begin to adopt a locally specific resonance.

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