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The Great Outdoors: PK Jazz Collective, Moa Pillar, U.I., and Niklavz
It's impossible for young Slavic or Baltic performers to operate without some concern for physical geography. The issue of distance frustrates "real" interaction yet - paradoxically - nurtures a digital craft.
Songs to Inspire an Ordinary Miracle: Praline, Mireia, and The Tairyfale
Mireia, Praline, and The Tairyfale are from Astrakhan and Nizhnii Novgorod. Across those distances is a shared concern for quiet, traditional songwriting - to counter the lack of structure in the outside world
Modest Minimalism: Electronic micro animal, D. Mantsevitch, and Enko
Three new electronic releases from independent Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian sources this week have - unbeknown to one another - voiced similar themes of what we might call minorization. The first comes from a southern city on the banks of the river Volga, Astrakhan. This is the birthplace...

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