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Kings of Empty Dancefloors: Korablove, Swaves, Luka, and Cao Sao Vang
Various professional and social difficulties lead four electronic musicians from Russia and Belarus to celebrate solitude, peace, and quiet. A distance from social life appears to produce superior sounds.
New Syntheses: Baraka, Yagoda Galo, Bubamara, and Lampa Ladino
The Sketis organization continues to champion а crisscrossing of folk traditions. Not only is canonical practice forced to incorporate novelty; peripheral locations are also paid major attention.
Mapping an Acoustic Ecology: Deef, SHLV, lwpss, and Wochtzchee
Northern winds and broad rivers inspire some new publications from Russia and Ukraine. Since these ideas belong to naturalists, not mapmakers, they even reach an emigre artist in distant Vienna.
Patience and Diligence: Pavel Svetlove, UP & PG, Denis A, and V-Gub
Four deep and progressive house projects show the social relevance of a northern dancefloor. On the edge of terra firma and economic opportunity, dance music fosters a priceless patience.
Homegrown Fantasy: Rave Me, Delta X, Slam53, Yayati, and Luktpion
Four virtually anonymous recordings appear from some very different locations - all the way from southern beaches to an icy northern port. In the face of little authorial text, various contexts instead come into play.
Exertion: Weary Eyes, The Bezzoommies, 7 Dot Dice, and Cosmic Hurricane
Four rock bands speak of hard, physical effort - and the damage it does to long-term optimism. The daily grind eats away at a number of fragile ideals. One Moscow collective, however, has a possible answer.
The Coherence of Fragments: Gillepsy, Olivaw, B Lous, and Asten
Some new recordings, all the way from Russia's arctic shore to Kharkiv, ponder the romance of nothingness. As thoughts move further from home, there comes a point where any desire for liberty morphs into the need for an object.
Stellar Fantasy: August Rush, AN:TI, Vadim Griboedov, and RezQ Sound
New techno and tech-house recordings from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Kiev, and Donetsk all adopt a dizzying level of romance. The heady experiences of a dancefloor are used to imagine some faraway, even immaterial realms.
Exclamation Marks: Mooncake, Metacode, Phooey! and Hello Gonzo!
Four bands from arctic Russia to rural Ukraine experiment with the notion of romance - and how it might survive daily actuality. The results range from full-blown, epic shoegaze to "the worst sound in the world."
A Distant Angel: Maygley, Contagi0us, and Cosmic Weather Forecast
New shoegaze compositions from three Russian cities focus on absent objects of desire. Since these musicians are attracted by things ineffable, it makes sense that they'd abandon language. And they do.
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