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Remixing as Transposition: Omauha, Dos Buratinos, A&1, and Evave
The Perm ensemble Dos Burtatinos has announced a retrospective collection of remixes. That reconstitution of eight years' work is likened to the sensation of being somewhere else entirely.
Euphoria through Industry: Anivia, A. Galchenko, Katrin Souza, and Essonita
As a new compilation of progressive and euphoric/uplifting trance appears, a couple of questions also emerge. How exactly does joy become "progress" and to what is it responding in the outside world?
The Rhetoric of Psytrance: Anix Gleo, Astroff, The Fusion, and Martin Cloud
Two Russian netlabels have celebrated new psy- and progressive trance publications. Even though psytrance concerns cosmic themes, geography still continues to play a role
Boris Nazarov: A Path from Overseas Travel to Digital Tours
Boris Nazarov was a co-founder in 1995 of the pioneering electronic dance outfit, Moscow Grooves Institute. Today his projects both in India and online offer new trajectories for Russian dance music
Air Goatika: Bold Indian Traditions and Post-Industrial Chillout
Air Goatika is an offshoot of Moscow's Goatika Creative Lab and defines itself as a "joyous, energetic musical project, full of light and positive vibrations." Flexible in its lineup, the band's current members are Boris Nazarov (keyboards), Pavel Mikhailuk (bass guitar), Victor Netesov (horns) an...
Dj Sergei Tkachev: Challenging the Logic of Progressive House
One of Russia's most influential radio outlets for the promotion of house and progressive house is the "Respect Time" show, hosted on Moscow's Radio Megapolis by DJ Sergei Tkachev, aka "Pilot." In the words of Megapolis, "Respect Time" "is dedicated to the output of hard-working, significant, an...
The Sochi Winter Music Conference 2010: Dizzy with Success
The southern coastal resort of Sochi, supposedly a place of rest and repose, has been associated with different activities of late. First and foremost, it was recently awarded the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics; that, in turn, has led to much political and financial wrangling over access...
Satory Seine: Ukrainian House and the Anonymity of Influence
Satory Seine has been called "one of Ukraine's few female house vocalists" by Kiev entertainment magazine, Time Out. That, logically, would suggest a high degree of fame and a sturdy web presence. Yet, for some strange reason, the singer's central website, named and linked at her MySpace page, i...
DJ Santerna: Approaching U.K. Dancefloors from the Outside
Santerna is the pseudonym of Moscow-based trance/progressive exponent Aleksandr Deviat'iarov, who prides himself on being the first Russian DJ with a release via London's Mondo Records.  With dubious chutzpah, the label claims to be "one of the UK's premier dance labels specializing in house, t...
DJ Cross Fire: Tales of Provincial Labor and the Odd Benefits of Big Trouble
In the world of Russian dance music, some genres are considered more "provincial" than others. Trance, rightly or wrongly, is often assumed to be one of the styles most likely to fill lop-sided village halls in distant locations. Comedy shows and parodic cinema will certainly make use of trance...
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