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Astronaut Ape, Cosmic Replicant, Slow Reflections, and Synthetic Sunrise
St. Petersburg's Microcosmos Records has published a chillout compilation that serves to illustrate the meaning of downtempo modes in Northern Russia. Reverie travels very far from home indeed.
Katia First: Life after Uplifto
Today the "debut" album by Katia First was released.  It comes after the singer - known offstage as Katia Medvedeva - left her role at Uplifto Records, where she sang for six years in the guise of Katia Chekhova. Although having risen to the status of what was sometimes called The Queen of Elec...
Stim Axel: Russia's Kosheen?
The new album by vocal drum & bass duo Stim Axel has just been released: "On the Radio Waves" (Na radiovolnakh).  The outfit consists of female vocalist Loona and her male colleague on keyboards or programming, Telly.  Stim Axel promote themselves as Russia's leading vocal D&B outfit, wh...
PodSafe Music
Though it’s easy to criticize the unedited structure of Russia’s biggest music portals, the rapid and enthusiastic development of podcasting deserves much praise, in particular for nurturing legal or “podsafe” music. Information about podcasting started coming seriously to Russia in 2004...

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