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Effort as Transcendence: Doyeq, OMMA, Heavenchord, and Skajite Michilu
As a range of obstacles, both private and professional, stop musicians from working uninterrupted, diligence acquires a new significance. It becomes a form of transcendence, far above material woes.
High above the Rooftops: TosyaChai, Dropps, Dobra, and SunMan24
As material constraints frustrate a number of young Russian musicians, thoughts turn to various kinds of ascent. Poems are dedicated to movement above the rooftops - and even into the stars.
Wistful Enigmas: Days of Funk, Gillepsy, El Ched, and Sunday Morning
A number of Russian electronic releases this week are all tied to thoughts of distant times and places. Those same dreams remain deliberately vague, since actuality is unpleasingly obvious.
The Great Outdoors: PK Jazz Collective, Moa Pillar, U.I., and Niklavz
It's impossible for young Slavic or Baltic performers to operate without some concern for physical geography. The issue of distance frustrates "real" interaction yet - paradoxically - nurtures a digital craft.
A Siberian Sense of Freedom: Yuka, Tronical, Aleph, and Pixelord
Three new dance recordings from Siberia arguably share a philosophical connection. Does their place of origin lead to a specific worldview - something that endures as their authors travel?
Eight Wistful Robots: The Safe'n'Sound and Broken Toyz Compilations
A couple of bass compilations emerge simultaneously from St. Petersburg. One of them gives voice to the hard, physical effort needed to run a net-label. The other turns to reverie.
Inexpressible Ideals: The Up! Up! Up! and Ritmo Kovos Compilations
Two labels from Vilnius and Yekaterinburg have published compilation CDs in celebration of their work and worldview. Both come implicitly to the conclusion their ideals are - ultimately - ineffable.
Slow Passage: Nu:Gravity, Dowdy, Jahzoviy, and Alexander Saykov
A number of physical challenges face these musicians: a distant address, an ailing economy, or military service. All these artists use sound in order to create - or imagine - some alternatives. The resulting tempo of escapism is not swift.
Two Generations and Freedoms: Astma, Milinal, Deech, and Midimode
Alexei Borisov is one of Russia's most respected electronic musicians. With new recordings from Naples, what metaphors of creative liberty are transferred from Mr. Borisov to younger, maybe quieter artists?
Stepping Out: Kinnel, Pixelord, Vadim Griboedov, and Last Night Flavor
New chip-tune, bass-, and hip-hop recordings investigate the appeal of difference and distance. How much variation guarantees satisfaction? Deviance, it eventually transpires, has a limit. Liberties reach a dead-end...
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