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A Call to Humility: Komba Bakkh, Bundiii, Man Gillian, and Mokh
Using the ecosphere, Orthodox Christianity, an isolated address, and other reference points, these musicians suggest there's much to be gained from abandoning the chutzpah of Moscow life.
Polar Opposites: Harotnica, Electroforez, Obshezhitie, and Railkid Station
Two bands from Minsk and two from St. Petersburg give collective thought to issues of self-determination. In all four cases, there's an awareness that freedom and fate are tightly bound.
Family Therapy: Coronabeats, Cao Sao Vang, Naive Diver, and LetsGetTune
Against the backdrop of a happy, productive hip-hop community in Latvia, some new publications by Russian artists take a dark view of group membership. Kindness and collaboration are both absent.
New Syntheses: Baraka, Yagoda Galo, Bubamara, and Lampa Ladino
The Sketis organization continues to champion а crisscrossing of folk traditions. Not only is canonical practice forced to incorporate novelty; peripheral locations are also paid major attention.
Six Examples of Perseverance: Estonia's Schilling Music Festival 2013
The Schilling Music Festival in Estonia likes to advertise itself in terms of a quiet retreat from showbiz. Nonetheless, several of the local bands embody a spirit of professional persistence.
Sunshine from Afar: Arctic Riddim and the Podsnezhnik Festival
St. Petersburg's Podsnezhnik Festival is about to take place, interweaving the heritage of Slavic folk with distant reggae. Those two traditions come together for important, enduring reasons.
Inclusion: Georg Korg, Komba Bakkh, Arrock cherez Okean, and Kosh
New hip-hop, rap, and reggae publications show a striking difference from US mainstream enterprise. Instead of any proud connection to a district or zip code, spiritual emphases predominate.
Four Dreams: Novosadovich, Darya Diez, Morfe, and Grisha Liubit Grushu
Three female vocalists and an all-male outfit from Minsk consider the ideal environment for lyric creativity. Two of these projects find liberty in solitude; the other two draw upon folklore in order to counter reality.
Uniquely Russian Rap: Andreo RA, Ushat Gryazi, and Strannik Stk
For all the musical inspiration that Russian rap takes from a US heritage, things are very different when it comes to lyrics. We offer three examples of new recordings from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Complementary Views of Liberty: Leningrad and Vintazh
The ensembles Leningrad and Vintazh represent two ends of mainstream pop and its promise of liberty. The former is overtly sexual and designed for visual display; the latter is grounded in freedom of verbal expression - and less hopeful.
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