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A Call to Humility: Komba Bakkh, Bundiii, Man Gillian, and Mokh
Using the ecosphere, Orthodox Christianity, an isolated address, and other reference points, these musicians suggest there's much to be gained from abandoning the chutzpah of Moscow life.
Six Examples of Perseverance: Estonia's Schilling Music Festival 2013
The Schilling Music Festival in Estonia likes to advertise itself in terms of a quiet retreat from showbiz. Nonetheless, several of the local bands embody a spirit of professional persistence.
Sunshine from Afar: Arctic Riddim and the Podsnezhnik Festival
St. Petersburg's Podsnezhnik Festival is about to take place, interweaving the heritage of Slavic folk with distant reggae. Those two traditions come together for important, enduring reasons.
Inclusion: Georg Korg, Komba Bakkh, Arrock cherez Okean, and Kosh
New hip-hop, rap, and reggae publications show a striking difference from US mainstream enterprise. Instead of any proud connection to a district or zip code, spiritual emphases predominate.
Laughter and Tears: Ritmo Sportivo, Antoha MC, Deep Play, and K.A.K.A.O
An overview of recent work from beatmakers in Russia and Kazakhstan reveals a certain unity. These leisurely recordings reflect a happiness in collaboration, yet are tinged with sadness at civic failings
Komba Bakkh: Exponents of “Natural, Jamaican-Orthodox Grooves”
Komba Bakkh are an all-male outfit from Kostroma, an ancient town first mentioned in chronicles around 1213; some historians date the founding of Kostroma hundreds of years earlier. Today it is home to just under 300,000 people, all of whom are surrounded by a rich architectural and spiritual heri...
SadMe and No Fuzz: The Importance of Energy, Rather than Gender
It cannot be said that Russian popular music today is terribly rich in rock bands fronted by women, so outfits such as SadMe and No Fuzz play an important role in trying to level the playing field a little. The former are from Moscow and the latter from Novosibirsk: both have just released new m...
Lawyer: "1979"
This is the second time that we've covered Laywer's work, but it's not getting any easier.  The amount of promotional material is minimal, to put things mildly.  We offer our previous biographical sketch that outlines his work in and around Odessa;  he remains in the same city, so all of our...
Kotov, Starostin, Volkov, and Fedorov: "Edifying Songs for Every Day"
Last week, an album was released by two of Russia's leading lights in the world of folk music.  In particular these are Sergei Starostin and Andrei Kotov, together with Vladimir Volkov (double bass/viola), and Leonid Fedorov, lead singer of rock staples Auktsyon. The CD is a collection o...

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