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A Promising Emptiness: Mooncake, Motorama, Pill for Doll, and IWFYLS
These Russian collectives all invoke the theme of emptiness in their newest recordings. Beyond the limits of dull actuality lie other towns, countries, and even planets. They are all frustratingly absent.
Gallows Humor: Ilosthebalcony, Fanny Kaplan, Kul'tura Kureniia, and TBFW
Four young bands embody a spirit of protest, yet they're unnerved by the feeling that rebellion rarely changes anything. That combination of outrage and anxiety leads to a healthy self-irony.
Battling Emptiness: Detieti, For You Earth, Tlushch, and Kshettra
From the outskirts of two capitals - Moscow and Minsk - come some songs designed to inspire. They discern a certain civic or ideological "emptiness" and hope to offer a consoling alternative.
Seasonal Insights: Red Deer, Theodor Bastard, IWKC, and My Michelle
Themes of transience come to the fore, either in terms of impermanent human achievements or the passing of the seasons. Once that universal flow is recognized, a sense of calm transpires.
Songs of Fate: Leonid Fedorov, Trud, Polska Radio One, and Mud
Four unrelated releases from Russia find a stable common ground - in their attitude towards fate. Citing a number of "inevitable" issues within Russia's past or present, they toy with fatalism.
Aspirations: Wild Pigs, The Seventh Floor, Silhouette, and Grand Astoria
The noisy garage rock of two young Russian bands is, unexpectedly, a reaction their anxieties. Some grand alternatives to despair - fantasy and boundless optimism - also run into various problems.
Fate vs Faith: CBiHCiTY, Fairy Meds, Motherfathers, and Hospital
Four new rock releases from Belarus and Russia express forms of protest against typicality. Social failings give rise to a contrary mood: not everybody, however, shares the same level of self-confidence.
From Shore to Distant Shore: The V-ROX Festival 2013 (Part Two)
As the V-ROX Festival gets underway in Vladivostok, rock bands from around Russia come together - in a city that's maximally distant from the capital. Issues of geography come quickly to the fore.
Constructing a Window onto Asian Markets: Vladivostok Rocks 3000
Vladivostok will soon host a music festival and professional conference, V-ROX. Conceived by members of Mumiy Troll, V-ROX will introduce Russian and Asian markets to each other.
Fleeting Aspirations: The Praga, Mayak, recordSleep, and The Twists
Some new, independent recordings from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus find significant inspiration in the recent past. In fact, the most beautiful, erstwhile ideals appeared long ago... and then slowly failed.
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