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Lost Dubs: Bop, Dissident, Korsun, Oak, Nuage, and Electrosoul System
The Microfunk label in Saint Petersburg has decided to archive and advertise some of its premium material from recent years. The reasons for doing so are locally specific.
Major Projects in a Minor Setting: Bop, Nuage, Dissident/Kontext & KSKY
An interwoven network of musicians in Saint Petersburg unveils a series of publications––almost simultaneously. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they all share common ideas and convictions.
Visions: Askaira Indishle, Darkcontrol, Nemnogo_Maxim, and P. Chigarskikh
Several electronic composers investigate audible forms of introspection, but what they find is not always consoling. Sometimes there's a thin line between pronounced lyricism and anxiety.
A Mysterious Stillness: Oak, Kusto, Portwave, and Shadows Pole
Understated material from St. Petersburg, Rostov-na-Donu, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, and Tallinn all speaks to the enduring significance of whatever operates beyond the purview of a dictionary.
Immateriality: Major-Minor, Deepswell, Hells Kitchen, and Grace in Space
In our second overview of Krasnodar's Aura Music, we find that certain values come to the fore. None of them are bound to financial or material success.
Growing Networks: Plantae, Muc J, Mr. KiD, and BMB aka Space Kid
A series of downtempo, wonky, and bass recordings from Russian industrial cities look for superior values. Nature's flourishing networks offer more appeal than factories and smokestacks.
Private Hopes: Volor Flex, Lone Electrone, and Lagunamuch Records
A new garage and idm compilation from Moscow reemploys some motifs from classic science fiction. Both the music and its literary inspiration juxtapose private dreams and public reality.
Pure Passage: Echochorus, Biz., The Deformators, and Sleepwalking Music
Echochorus, a one-man project from Riga, has published a new soundtrack to the 1924 silent feature, "Aelita." Some core concerns from that recording emerge in other locations, far from the Baltic Sea.
Kollektiv Artists: The "Rhythm and a Muse" Compilations, Vol. Two
The Kollektiv project has gathered an impressive range of techno and minimalist sound artists from Russia, Belarus, and Latvia. Together they find some lofty values in understatement and silence.
Astral Tones: Sport & Music, Naive Diver, Astronaut Ape, and Brickman
Beginning in a major center of Ukrainian industry, a handful of downtempo recordings investigate the appeal of distant, quieter places. Introspection, prescription drugs, and space travel are three of the options...
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