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Twisting and Turning: Another Mask, Yawn Hic, WLVS, and Rivoli
Two rock bands from Samara join philosophical forces with new recordings from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Taken together, these four outfits fashion a worldview to counter cocky "progression."
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know: Fancy Music's Lermontov LP
Moscow's Fancy Music has just released a lengthy compilation album, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of romantic poet Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841)
Kubikmaggi (Saint Petersburg, FFM18)
"The band has trouble recalling specific dates. Its members instead neglect any chronology; in fact, they're barely able to count, giving all the time they've spent working with different time signatures"
Constant Surprise: Jazzator, Sergei Zagny, Pol Stan, and Artiom Krikunov
Several new jazz and instrumental releases find good reason to celebrate complexity or surprise. They all share a desire to avoid the predictable crudity of commerce, mass media, and modern politics.
Three Odysseys: Live People, O. Bogussevich, R. Stolyar and V. Luchansky
Moscow's Fancy Music is announcing a range of new jazz recordings. Originating both in the capital and Novosibirsk, they give voice to a passionate defense of deviation, difference, and inclusion.
An Unspoken Bond: Batagov, Kourliandski, Manotskov, and Karmanov
Moscow's Fancy Music encourages various trajectories: rock, jazz, electronic, and "contemporary." Some representatives of that final rubric establish a common worldview - from Siberia to New York.
Mescaline and Magic: Galun, Mutaforiya Lili, 1ste One, and Aesthesys
Various alternatives are suggested to dull and industrial typicality. They include looping retrospection towards childhood, bold surrealism, the open vistas of imagination, and major drug usage.
The Paradox of Joyful Anticipation: Fancy Music's Jazz Recordings
Fancy Music is a discerning Moscow label, publishing both jazz and contemporary classical recordings. Some of those jazz projects form a collective worldview of willing risk and anticipation
Surreal Domains: Smoke Moth, Doe's Mess, Itchy Sky, and Heyoka
Several new electronic recordings paint an increasingly dark picture of social realia. The most persuasive response to civic failings and their dubious logic appears to be "transcendental surrealism."
Far Beyond Custom: Kubikmaggi, Andrey Kiritchenko, IIIII, and All Objects Lost
From St. Petersburg and Kharkiv come new works by the wonderful Kubikmaggi and Andrey Kiritchenko. Those same tracks embody a paradoxical call to shun formal constraints - on the model of some rapidly forgotten traditions.
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