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ITech Sound System: Sasha Kaktus, Anton Lanski, Timtril, and Spieltape
ITech Sound System is a St. Petersburg label, agency, and community. Despite the professional success of its members, ITech retains a meaningful connection to an underground ethos.
Aspiration: Evgeny Bardyuzha, Bring Bliss, and Four KOS.MOS Artists
In the face of geographic, commercial, and industrial challenges, these Russian and Ukrainian artists manage to stay optimistic. They take faith from history, Soviet rockets, distant stars, and poetry.
A Vague, Distant Promise: Aleph, 813, Valotihkuu, and PCのMuseum
Some leading exponents of Russian electronica publish a range of EPs that overlap philosophically. They all, to some degree, consider the nature of desire - and whether the best dreams never come true.
Constructing a Window onto Asian Markets: Vladivostok Rocks 3000
Vladivostok will soon host a music festival and professional conference, V-ROX. Conceived by members of Mumiy Troll, V-ROX will introduce Russian and Asian markets to each other.
Hearth and Home: Raumskaya, DJ Azamat, SRPNT, and Bad Gibbonz
A couple of web-based projects ponder the relationship of pop music to actuality. Should the ideal composition build a lyrical alternative to grim likelihood - or instead reveal social lacunae with a purposeful air?
Different Volumes: Van, TV Maskava, Pivo Srakami, and Cao Sao Vang
Four very different recordings from Russia and Latvia ponder the meaning of a "provincial" location. Some of them fall to black humor or despair; others, however, discover rare comfort in romance.
Stepping into the Hills: Furthers, GLWZBLL, Jekka, and Milky Toad
Several new electronic releases from Russia and Ukraine are dedicated to the failings of contemporaneity. The best response to glitzy modernity, it seems, is a backwards glance and a lo-fi aesthetic.
Energun Records (Minsk): Lokodepo, UVL, Enformig, and Positive Merge
Energun Records is a label from the Belarusian capital of Minsk, specializing in techno. Little by little, the dramatic stereotypes surrounding that style are cast aside in favor of a surprising optimism.
Science Fiction, Daily Drama: EMC and the Android Funk Solution
Saint Petersburg's Electro Music Coalition has announced a compilation of young electro composers. The sci-fi romance behind their work soon gives way to the greater drama of actuality.
Awaiting the Singularity: Sub, Bipolardepth, Qybrid, and Phase 313
Working around Yekaterinburg's Motorlab label, a number of techno artists consider the meaning of their chosen style. An machinic aesthetic, joined to forms of digital collaboration, promises a bold escape from local realia.
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