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Trance-Like Effort: uSSSy, Euglena, The Tolstoys, and Nikola Tesla
Four Russian bands champion their chosen styles, from "garage revival" to "quarter-tone rock," based upon Middle Eastern traditions. Across them all, diligence hopes to drown out reality.
Soothsaying: Wild Pigs, Veins, IWFYLS, Harajiev, and Siberian Tsars
These five collectives have various ways of interpreting the future. It is viewed in terms of patience or a distant horizon. Others, less hopeful, prefer retrospection, psychedelia, and total despair.
Forms of Absence: Oleg Kostrow, Astronaut Ape, Rotrum, and Dead Hands
A series of Russian and Estonian electronic recordings this week are dedicated to the appeal of a distant, "absent" youth. That same distance from adulthood can, however, become anonymity.
Majestic Irrationalities: Pawspaws, Mars-96, Nordlost, and Trixter
Three rock outfits from St. Petersburg and one from Tallinn announce recordings that draw heavily upon the appeal of irrationality. Both awe and wonder, it seems, lie beyond common sense.
Fragile Liberties: Crimson Sails, Ninja Glam, Veins, and DWYSE
Four electronic recordings focus this week upon the likelihood of daydreaming. Drawing upon children's literature and revolutionary history, they ponder the gap between fact and fiction.
Distortion as Alienation: Jelena Glazova, Xlleb, Higanbana, and Airto
A range of new industrial drone and harsh noise recordings from Riga, Moscow, Orel, and Togliatti are used in order to voice some ineffable aspects of modernity. Most of those truths are very disconcerting.
A Vacuous Backdrop: Mars-96, Ocean Shiver, U.I., and Mobius Strip
A number of electronic recordings this week turn to the ocean and night sky in consideration of an uncertain future. That which symbolizes boundless options for some people inspires terror in others.
Drowntempo: Arktor, Eaah, Bipolardepth, Mol Deskat, Jwush, and Sokpb Avabodha
Various freedoms, both social and emotional, are pondered in some new electronic recordings from Russia. As the pressures upon liberty increase, one of the artists coins the generic tag "drowntempo."
Risk: Miyuki, Internet Friend, Nastia Vacuum, AWOTT, and My Sister Spectre
Five performers from Russia and Ukraine consider the link between one's physical surroundings and notions of risk. A home environment determines one's view of whatever lies outside.
Rare Empathy in Dark Surroundings: The Teapression Waves Label
Teapression Waves is a young and promising electronic label, using a host of generic tags to define its gloomy output. Those same categorizations, however, are not employed in standard western ways.
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