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Chillout: New Recordings from Microcosmos and Alexander Saykov
The St. Petersburg label Microcosmos has published three chillout recordings, examining alternative views of actuality. Alexander Saykov extends them––to Moscow.
An Enlightening Escape: Casey Cat, Tantsui, Jimmy Roqsta, and Moresebya
New dancefloor offerings from Russia and Estonia struggle with viable forms of optimism. "Escapism" becomes less a matter of hedonism and more a conscious response to unsatisfying actuality.
Sochi's SWMC versus the Winter Olympic Games: "High Tide Vol. Three"
When the Sochi Winter Music Conference clashed with the Winter Olympics, scheduling problems arose. The worldview of a house label associated with the SWMC is proposing a solution.
Reality Remixed: Low Orbit Satellite, Valer Den Bit, Shuma, and Max Vertigo
A Belarusian "ethno-jazz" ensemble announces some remixed, yet traditional compositions. That same desire to stay relevant through reinvention informs a number of other dance releases.
Global Options, Local Realities: Rață, Up & Pg, Broxy, and Snap Kit
Tetriz Records and Get High Music are Ukrainian tech- and progressive house labels. The role of collaboration is important for both projects, but what role does a label play in the face of piracy?
Promoting Diligence: 7Oceans, Anturage, Anivia, and Cream Soda
As new dancefloor publications find themselves obliged to create promotional material, doubts emerge regarding its efficacy. Gradually hard work is validated over and above any hard sell.
Traveling Far: Yuka, Mark Meino, Alpha-Beta, and KosMosMusic
Several new techno and Goa trance recordings hope to erase binary notions such as here/there, material/spiritual, and so forth. On a lesser scale, escapism can be satisfied with a good vacation, too.
Aspirations: Glittering Puzzle, Likhnitsky, Nikki Noek, and Pleasure Garden
As the Sochi Winter Music Conference prepares to advertise itself for 2014, a tone of fiscal confidence informs the PR materials. That same hope and optimism is infectious among participants.
Energun Records (Minsk): Lokodepo, UVL, Enformig, and Positive Merge
Energun Records is a label from the Belarusian capital of Minsk, specializing in techno. Little by little, the dramatic stereotypes surrounding that style are cast aside in favor of a surprising optimism.
Unspeakable Distances: The Forthcoming DAR Digital Showcase
Moscow's DAR Label is publishing some showcase albums of Slavic progressive- and tech-house. Despite the bold drama of those styles, they're tied to a melancholy reality.
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