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CXEMA's Schemes: John Object, Potreba, PRCDRL & Molodoy Chelovek
CXEMA (The Scheme) is an underground techno community in Kiev. Four new podcasts, each showcasing an electronic artist, are unavoidably framed by recent events.
A Retrospective Gaze: Dza, Mujuice, ZOLOTO, and Race to Space
Four new dance releases from around the Russian capital seek an escape from the daily grind. Increasingly, however, a pessimistic view of the future makes prior decades an attractive reference point.
Social Systems: MocloVe, Sinuosity, Plandercozeron, and Sticky Monkey
New techno, dubstep, electro, and darkcore recordings look at the romance of industry. In a Slavic realm where human enterprise so often leads to failure, machines have a local, very specific appeal.
Pirate Station: Fighting the Economic Downturn with Grand Spectacle
As we write, the national drum & bass tour "Pirate Station" (Piratskaia stantsiia) is winding down. The images in this post were taken from a wide range of Russian cities over the first three months of 2010; these concerts have grown steadily from a show on Radio Rekord that was begun by D&a...
Cubic: An Ominous "Thud" on the Dark Streets of St. Petersburg
Cubic is an outfit that values simplicity very highly. Its members - who remain virtually anonymous - are contained within the MixGalaxy project that operates out of St Petersburg. The label has thus far produced a couple of very interesting compilations, which are not in any way generically def...
Bedroom Breakcore: "With Prison Cell Was Embraced" and "Darkwil Breakmasher"
Two new breakcore/D&B releases have appeared online from a couple of ancient Russian towns; these recordings give voice to an interesting conflict between the weight of history and flippant innovation. The two locations in question are Pskov - almost on the border with Estonia - and Odintsov...
Electrosoul System: Keeping the "Timeless" Spirit of Kazantip Alive
Each summer, between late July and late August, the Kazantip festival becomes - arguably - the biggest dance-related event across all of Russia and Ukraine. Set on the sunny shores of the Crimea, Kazantip has long been an annual object of desire for more than 150,000 revellers. This year was no...
New Breakcore: Graffiti on Maiakovskii Square
The RusZud label recently released an intriguing new breakcore compilation, entitled "Moscow Breakcore Masscare."  It features 18 new tracks from almost as many artists and has - as we see - a rather bizarre cover, too.  Front and center is a well-known statue of poet Vladimir Maiakovskii (18...
Microcobra: "Please, Play With Me"
Eight new tracks of Russian-language chiptune from Estonia; a small field, it must be said!  Microcobra is a one-man outfit, namely 25-year old Sergei Evdokimychev.  He has been working as a musician and vocalist for over two years, but still seems to have some troubles with the financial aspe...
8-Bit Music: Fond Memories of Robots and Rockets
Electronic music is often accused of sameness, of reducing national differences.  Here's an exception.  The sounds of Russian 8-bit or chiptune recordings, taken from old Dendy or Sega computer games, underscore the cultural differences between East and West during the Soviet Union's slow demi...

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