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Staying the Course: Mindex, Gatilove, Davydov, RSAC, and Polar Lights
In an allegedly post-commercial environment, where hard work in the studio is no guarantee of a salary, the value of labor is often debated. The responses range from diligence to full-blown decadence.
New Congregations: Oligarkh, Diamos Roll, and Mad-Hop (Vol. Seven)
A collection of December recordings from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine ponder various alternatives to social reality. Hopeful glances are cast out to sea, into the sky, and through the doors of a church.
Aspiration: Evgeny Bardyuzha, Bring Bliss, and Four KOS.MOS Artists
In the face of geographic, commercial, and industrial challenges, these Russian and Ukrainian artists manage to stay optimistic. They take faith from history, Soviet rockets, distant stars, and poetry.
Hearth and Home: Raumskaya, DJ Azamat, SRPNT, and Bad Gibbonz
A couple of web-based projects ponder the relationship of pop music to actuality. Should the ideal composition build a lyrical alternative to grim likelihood - or instead reveal social lacunae with a purposeful air?
Social Systems: MocloVe, Sinuosity, Plandercozeron, and Sticky Monkey
New techno, dubstep, electro, and darkcore recordings look at the romance of industry. In a Slavic realm where human enterprise so often leads to failure, machines have a local, very specific appeal.
A Hyperboloid Night: Valta, Saburov, NVG, Acid Mafia, and Pixelord
A forthcoming show, hosted by Moscow's Hyperboloid Records, will bring together some luminaries of the bass music scene. They will arrive from Kiev, Melitopol, Tyumen, and - most notably - the streets of London.
A Growing Uneasiness: Lhasslo, Dubdelight, Reixtra, and B.C. Bird
We look at four young bass and downtempo artists, who collaborated one year ago on a Moscow-based project. Once that support system ends, however, solo work brings all manner of challenges.
Thoughts of Escape on Arctic Dancefloors: Playone, AN:TI, and [Scio]
Some tech-house and dubstep recordings, released simultaneously in Kiev, Murmansk, and Tallinn, all give voice to an escapist aesthetic. They speak, however, with varying degrees of confidence.
Pirate Station: Fighting the Economic Downturn with Grand Spectacle
As we write, the national drum & bass tour "Pirate Station" (Piratskaia stantsiia) is winding down. The images in this post were taken from a wide range of Russian cities over the first three months of 2010; these concerts have grown steadily from a show on Radio Rekord that was begun by D&a...
Cubic: An Ominous "Thud" on the Dark Streets of St. Petersburg
Cubic is an outfit that values simplicity very highly. Its members - who remain virtually anonymous - are contained within the MixGalaxy project that operates out of St Petersburg. The label has thus far produced a couple of very interesting compilations, which are not in any way generically def...
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