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Getting There: Lena Kudrina, Kawri's Whisper, Endless Melancholy & Isea N
The theme of time is foregrounded by several new publications, but their authors remain unsure of an ideal outlook: forwards to the future––or back to a superior past?
Chillout: New Recordings from Microcosmos and Alexander Saykov
The St. Petersburg label Microcosmos has published three chillout recordings, examining alternative views of actuality. Alexander Saykov extends them––to Moscow.
Nonlinear Forms of Production: Rhizome, Yuka, Love Cult, and Dza
The Petrozavodsk duo Love Cult have just announced they'll be writing one track each day - for an entire year. Other new projects, such as Moscow's Rhizome, express similar forms of private industry.
Astronaut Ape, Cosmic Replicant, Slow Reflections, and Synthetic Sunrise
St. Petersburg's Microcosmos Records has published a chillout compilation that serves to illustrate the meaning of downtempo modes in Northern Russia. Reverie travels very far from home indeed.
Aspiration: Evgeny Bardyuzha, Bring Bliss, and Four KOS.MOS Artists
In the face of geographic, commercial, and industrial challenges, these Russian and Ukrainian artists manage to stay optimistic. They take faith from history, Soviet rockets, distant stars, and poetry.
Traveling Far: Yuka, Mark Meino, Alpha-Beta, and KosMosMusic
Several new techno and Goa trance recordings hope to erase binary notions such as here/there, material/spiritual, and so forth. On a lesser scale, escapism can be satisfied with a good vacation, too.
Wistfulness and Hard Work: Sergey Sanchez, 1Touch, Nafis, and Deepkey
New progressive house from distant Kazan and Kaluga speaks of "advancement" in terms of spaces conquered. The same symbolism, however, makes equal sense in Moscow's largest clubs.
Homeland: Dave Pad, Mihail Shevchenko, Electrosoul System, and Evgeny Kott
A range of progressive house, breakbeat, and psychedelic recordings this week all involve some social critique. A positive alternative is found in two locations - a homestead and a (wider) homeland.
From Siberia to Siam: Mindex, Squarking Jazz, ED7, and Dancaless
Time Resonance is a Moscow-based label, specializing in downtempo and chillout recordings. The raison d'être of these instrumentals is locally specific, taking us from Siberia to the Gulf of Thailand.
Boris Nazarov: A Path from Overseas Travel to Digital Tours
Boris Nazarov was a co-founder in 1995 of the pioneering electronic dance outfit, Moscow Grooves Institute. Today his projects both in India and online offer new trajectories for Russian dance music
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