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A Better Congregation: BWWWOYS, Kulakostas, 21 Outside, and Kodek
Several electronic publications look back on a fledgling, post-Soviet internet with nostalgia. The sounds and graphic art of the 1990s recall a time when kinder, more inclusive networks might replace ideology.
Inclusion: Georg Korg, Komba Bakkh, Arrock cherez Okean, and Kosh
New hip-hop, rap, and reggae publications show a striking difference from US mainstream enterprise. Instead of any proud connection to a district or zip code, spiritual emphases predominate.
Eight Wistful Robots: The Safe'n'Sound and Broken Toyz Compilations
A couple of bass compilations emerge simultaneously from St. Petersburg. One of them gives voice to the hard, physical effort needed to run a net-label. The other turns to reverie.
A Celebration of Limits: Qube Unite, Archngl, Spacewide, and Pixelord
Given the speed of technical evolution in modern music, even young composers recall the "limited" tools with which they once worked. Oddly enough, poor instruments are remembered with fondness, as they fostered DIY innovation.
A Hyperboloid Night: Valta, Saburov, NVG, Acid Mafia, and Pixelord
A forthcoming show, hosted by Moscow's Hyperboloid Records, will bring together some luminaries of the bass music scene. They will arrive from Kiev, Melitopol, Tyumen, and - most notably - the streets of London.
Alex Tune and Hardy-Smile: New Ukrainian Break- and Hardcore
Now that the summer has come to an end, Moscow's RusZud label has cast a glance back over a season of break- and hardcore compositions, not only from Russian and Ukrainian DJs, but with a few French and Italian cuts, too. The result is a dual LP, modestly titled "RusZud #12," yet emblazoned with...
PodSafe Music
Though it’s easy to criticize the unedited structure of Russia’s biggest music portals, the rapid and enthusiastic development of podcasting deserves much praise, in particular for nurturing legal or “podsafe” music. Information about podcasting started coming seriously to Russia in 2004...

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