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A Sense of Movement: Miusha, La Vtornik, Mon.ka, and Camel Crock
Some Russian recordings this week refer to their distance from the capital, directly or otherwise. Rather than fall victim to any stereotypes of provinciality, they instead see a benefit in remoteness.
Sochi's SWMC versus the Winter Olympic Games: "High Tide Vol. Three"
When the Sochi Winter Music Conference clashed with the Winter Olympics, scheduling problems arose. The worldview of a house label associated with the SWMC is proposing a solution.
An Ongoing, Untold Story: The Winter Digest from "We Are Russians"
The St. Petersburg community known as "We Are Russians" is busy gathering electronic projects with a special fondness for the 1980s. The soundtrack to perestroika continues to have great relevance.
Quality, Not Quantity: iTech Sound System and the Heisenberg Club
St. Petersburg has a new club - Heisenberg - which has grown from the local Squat Academy and iTech Sound System. Running the show are Sasha Kaktus, DJ Pitters, and their colleague Yuri Skiff.
New from Ultra Vague: Mamanet, Awesomatic, Sable Beats, and KØL¥∆
Ultra Vague is a Ukrainian netlabel that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Not surprisingly, overlapping themes of hard work and fidelity run through a number of releases.
Four Kinds of Escape: Gorbach, Curly Brown, Tapecut, and MBMK
Four instrumental producers from Minsk and St. Petersburg see their newest works as an alternative to frustrating, if not awful reality. The worse actuality appears, the more they fantasize.
Escape Plans: Lay-Far, Olivaw, Stol-Stul-Steny, and John Example
In the face of grim predictability, repetition, and market-driven norms, these musicians and their new releases consider a few alternatives. They run all the way from science fiction to surreal improvisation.
Seventeen Smiles: Ashnikko, Edgars Zilde, Kask, and Sander Mölder
Seventeen promising DJs, performers, and producers from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia come together in order to improve the general atmosphere of collaboration. A common worldview transpires.
ITech Sound System: Sasha Kaktus, Anton Lanski, Timtril, and Spieltape
ITech Sound System is a St. Petersburg label, agency, and community. Despite the professional success of its members, ITech retains a meaningful connection to an underground ethos.
Daydreams: DJ Primat, Shyam, Deepad, Salvio Dali, and Sound of Hermes
New work from St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and Kiev inverts several assumptions of dancefloor hedonism. Discussions of physical pleasure become, instead, a preference for hushed introspection.
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