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Amity: Wednesday Morning, Young Adults, Kate in the Box & Platya za 130
Two all-female Russian outfits sing of human relations with bittersweet humor. Placed together with other releases this week, their knowing smiles become an overarching social skepticism.
A Mobile Sense of Home: WOMAD Russia 2013 and Non Cadenza
Some new recordings and live performances raise a couple of related issues. To whom does "Russian folk" belong and - once that dilemma is clarified - how we talk of similar couplings, such as "Russian soul"?
Lithuania's Snapsounds Studio: AVaspo, InSearch, and Banda Dzeta
The Snapsounds studio in Lithuania is committed to the production of HD video that captures both the past and future of local bands. The mere existence of that service hints at a wealth of PR challenges for the artists themselves.
Grandmother's Red-Flag Division: Expect Chaos! (eng/рус)
"Grandmother's Red-Flag Division" (aka КДИМБ) have been called the "most impractical, chaotic, and happy" band in Moscow. We decided to find out why.
"Stiliagi": The Soundtrack
In tough times, people get nostalgic.  As the Russian economy descends at an impressive rate, a hit musical has reached domestic screens: "Stiliagi."  The term, based on the Russian word for "style," might best be translated as "Teddy Boys," since the action takes place in 1955.   The promot...
Billy's Band: "Kupchino, the Capital of the World"
Yesterday a new album appeared in the mail, this time from St Petersburg outfit Billy's Band.  One of the phrases they often use to promote themselves is "Funeral Dixieland with an Eternally Happy Ending";  that slogan shows well the extremes embodied by the ensemble, both in theme and style. ...
Andrei Makarevich and the Creole Tango Orchestra: "Shtander"
In order to make sense of the new album by Andrei Makarevich, we need a picture like this. The CD's title, "Shtander," is a term from the '60s and '70s in the Soviet Union. Few people know it today. This image, from 1967, shows Soviet kids playing shtander, which - in its many forms - involves a s...

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