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Faith and the Long Haul: Timonin, Ivan Latyshev, Nemphirex, and Alimov
The career of Andrey Timonin moves from a southern industrial port to Moscow, London, and then beyond. His resulting trust in hard work is tempered elsewhere - both by doubt and a faltering faith.
Sochi's SWMC versus the Winter Olympic Games: "High Tide Vol. Three"
When the Sochi Winter Music Conference clashed with the Winter Olympics, scheduling problems arose. The worldview of a house label associated with the SWMC is proposing a solution.
Quality, Not Quantity: iTech Sound System and the Heisenberg Club
St. Petersburg has a new club - Heisenberg - which has grown from the local Squat Academy and iTech Sound System. Running the show are Sasha Kaktus, DJ Pitters, and their colleague Yuri Skiff.
Emancipation: High House, Incepto's Snowfall Sampler, and Grusha
Fresh house compositions from Russia and Lithuania show some fundamental, even universal elements of a house tradition. They celebrate the longstanding inclusiveness of classic disco in difficult times.
New from Ultra Vague: Mamanet, Awesomatic, Sable Beats, and KØL¥∆
Ultra Vague is a Ukrainian netlabel that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Not surprisingly, overlapping themes of hard work and fidelity run through a number of releases.
A Faith in Difference: Maylo, Jimmy Roqsta, Deepswell, and Following Light
Recent house recordings from four Russian-speaking DJs are dedicated to the value of change. Somewhere in their fidelity to a given style lies a celebration of difference. (Picture: Maylo's hometown of Berdsk)
A Sense of Place: Toxez, Grace in Space, Mr Morek, and Cucumbers
Two of these dancefloor projects are from the Russian capital; the others come from Vladivostok and Volgograd. Those more distant locations bring with them a specifically Slavic cultural baggage.
Ephemerality: Anton Maskeliade, Deepeople, Rikk Fury, and Elphy Ant
Three solo projects from Russia and Ukraine touch upon a common issue. What is the relationship of hard work to creative success, if artistic "verity" is viewed in terms of something ineffable or fleeting?
Family Therapy: Coronabeats, Cao Sao Vang, Naive Diver, and LetsGetTune
Against the backdrop of a happy, productive hip-hop community in Latvia, some new publications by Russian artists take a dark view of group membership. Kindness and collaboration are both absent.
ITech Sound System: Sasha Kaktus, Anton Lanski, Timtril, and Spieltape
ITech Sound System is a St. Petersburg label, agency, and community. Despite the professional success of its members, ITech retains a meaningful connection to an underground ethos.
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