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Surrender: Maskeliade, Astra Dome, Mark Rothko, and Heroin Grove
Moscow's Anton Maskeliade has a new single that furthers his investigations into improvised performance. The same validation of spontaneity appears in a new Siberian netlabel, Hair Del.
Productive Patterns: Glimsy, Art Electronix, SRPNT, and Andy Quark
Some St. Petersburg electronic recordings discern a happy overlap between the workings of nature and a minimalist soundscape. Civic clamor, however, often sounds louder - and more crudely.
Abiding Hopes: Korablove, Siba.Pro, Unlogic Thing, and Kosmonavt
Romantic metaphors inform these new recordings, all borrowed from discussions of open forests, boundless oceans, and "schizoid" thought. Daily life, however, stubbornly refuses to cooperate.
Deep in the Forest: The Electrosound "Melted Elements" Compilation
Moscow's Electrosound label has gathered seven drone or dark ambient compositions together. They are designed to evoke a sense of unease; slowly it becomes clear where such worries originate.
Ophelia's Spirit: Blablarism, Clonki, James Franko, and Iamthemorning
St. Petersburg ensemble Iamthemorning have announced a new EP that builds upon some Ophelian motifs from prior recordings. The same symbolism of wistful demise appears in other towns, also.
Strength in Numbers: The Dark Horses Compilation (Temnye Loshadki)
A new compilation from Moscow's "Colta" magazine brings together fifteen young performers and projects from across Russia. Together they define the nature of private and professional novelty.
Broad Horizons: Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, Ayva, and Waterplea
The new releases from Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, and Waterplea are all considerations of the unknown. What lies beyond a visible, tangible world is understood in differing ways.
From Karelia to Concrete: Aleph, Love Cult, Koett, and Kush Berry
The dark, dense forests of Karelia lead the Petrozavodsk duo Love Cult to conjure an entire universe of alternative dimensions. This tendency to prejudice dreams over urban actuality is found elsewhere.
A Beautiful Insignificance: Some Social Concerns of New Russian Rap
An overview of five acclaimed Slavic rap projects shows a decreasing similarity with Western fashion. Many aspects of Western rap are overshadowed by a unique and very local philosophy.
Chiaroscuro: Miru Water, Buddhist & Silence, T.Bird, and For Lunar Dust
The MNMN label from Kostroma does much to promote the philosophically anxious end of Russian electronica. These four projects yearn for silence and solitude, but "fate" has other plans.
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