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Dadaisme: "Dasein Mosaic" (Togliatti and Moscow, FFM31)
Our new recording from Dadaisme sports a weighty philosophical concept. Entitled "Dasein Mosaic," it is inspired by Heidegger's notion of "Dasein." Put simply, "Mosaic" is directly informed by a view of existence or being that's split between two states: selfhood and society.
Between Here and There: Htrspltn, Tilde, John Example, and Talnik
New electronic recordings from a range of outlying Russian cities draw parallels between their location and local history. A sense of distance transpires, both from cultural centers and the passage of time.
Productive Patterns: Glimsy, Art Electronix, SRPNT, and Andy Quark
Some St. Petersburg electronic recordings discern a happy overlap between the workings of nature and a minimalist soundscape. Civic clamor, however, often sounds louder - and more crudely.
Remixes and Irrationality: Pompeya, Tim Marley, If Now, and Copi Chon
Originating in Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Moscow, four new publications discuss the strange benefits of faltering and failure. In a mundane world, mistakes are a sign of uniqueness.
A Gentle Light: Kai Engel, Poostosh, Vorobushek, and Be Smooth
Four electronic publications from Moscow and Yekaterinburg express concerns over the noise and crudity of present-day experience. As a result, retrospection and nostalgia both have appeal.
A Growing Sense of Distance: Danila Plee, WPCWE, Osmenog, and SiJ
Performers from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Pskov, and Sevastopol cast a doubting eye on modern society. As a result, their materials grow quieter in anticipation of better, more isolated realms.
Endless Metamorphoses: The Nenormalizm "Insects" Compilation
The Nenormalizm label has announced a new compilation, bringing together a wide range of artists from neighboring lands. The connection between them all is a celebration of metamorphosis.
Visions: Askaira Indishle, Darkcontrol, Nemnogo_Maxim, and P. Chigarskikh
Several electronic composers investigate audible forms of introspection, but what they find is not always consoling. Sometimes there's a thin line between pronounced lyricism and anxiety.
Sound Waves from Siberia and Beyond: Echotourizm (Volume Three)
The Echotourist organization in Novosibirsk has just published a new compilation of thirteen electronic and electroacoustic artists. Together they help to establish the raison d'être of a local scene.
Broad Horizons: Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, Ayva, and Waterplea
The new releases from Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, and Waterplea are all considerations of the unknown. What lies beyond a visible, tangible world is understood in differing ways.
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