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Simplicity: Akvarium, Gaujarts, Vorevokuk, Prokop'ev, and Cherepikho
In the wake of Akvarium's fortieth anniversary, other acoustic recordings have appeared, continuing the heritage of Boris Grebenshchikov. An especially northern interpretation of rock transpires: quietly and pensively.
Resignation vs Discord: Burrow, Die Hard, Klad Yada, and Lo-Fi Woman
A handful of new, wantonly distorted or lo-fi recordings give voice to degrees of self-definition. The struggle for self-realization takes audible form... and yet acquiescence also looks appealing to some bands.
A Public Past and Private Future: The Akvarium Tribute (Part Three)
The celebrations continue regarding Akvarium, arguably Russia's most enduring rock band. After forty years, many songs designed to reflect enormous social change now find a fresh, more personal relevance today.
A Large and Collective Story: Moscow's "White Album," 2012
A very large, quadruple album has been published in Moscow, gathering songs connected to the recent "test strolls." More than two hundred compositions have been published, collective in both theory and practice.
Dances on the Edge of Spring: The Akvarium Tribute (Part Two)
The Lenta and Kroogi compilation dedicated to "Akvarium" has grown further, adding a range of new tracks. Musicians young and old, from major and minor locations, express their gratitude to Russia's greatest rock band.
Byzantine Songs for Every Season: The Aquarium Anniversary Tribute
Two Russian web projects have combined resources to celebrate the (ongoing) career of Aquarium, arguably the nation's greatest rock band. The cover versions submitted thus far span a wide range of years and places.
Silent Thoughts: Last Holidays, Siberian Tsars, Eva Adams, and Deep Winter
Four rock bands from St. Petersburg. Novosibirsk, and Izhevsk are linked by their attitudes to silence. What anxieties are summoned by drone-like instrumentals, and how might they be be overcome – with even more noise?
Wild Sounds: Vagiant, IWFYLS, Colonial Hunter, and Crocodile Mansion
Much inspiration can be drawn from the scale of Russia's wilderness; it certainly informs the music of many local ensembles. These four bands, however, look further still across the horizon...
Hard Work: NRKTK, Devil Race, Sistra, and Valery & The Greedies
In discussing their newest recordings, a number of bands from Khabarovsk, Petrozavodsk, and Kiev all address problems of hard work - and disappointment. Slowly, though, their anxiety turns to blissful indifference.
Notes from Saturn: EIMIC, Serdceder, The Just, and Purple Eve
New releases from Moscow and Novosibirsk paint different pictures of everyday unpredictability. The results range from workplace hassles to existential despair. Faraway in Siberia, though, a happier story is told.
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