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Chop and Change: Zorge, Flynotes, Oshean, and The Grand Astoria
Four December rock recordings from St. Petersburg and Izhvesk ponder some markers of adult success, such as generic clarity and domestic success. With questionable romance, all are dismissed.
Virtual Realities: The Uchpochmak, IHNABTB, Zhenya Kukoverov, and Ili-Ili
А sneaking suspicion that actuality is increasingly loud and intolerant leads to the search for other options: quieter love songs, wanton surrealism, or an escape into the realm of virtual bands.
Commedia dell'Arte: Yoki, Olga Arefieva, Surfer Rosa, and Fontan
Two of these ensembles borrow from a folk heritage; the other two have their roots in recent rock music. The former pair manages to foster a sense of optimism; the latter falls to growing fatalism.
Soothsaying: Wild Pigs, Veins, IWFYLS, Harajiev, and Siberian Tsars
These five collectives have various ways of interpreting the future. It is viewed in terms of patience or a distant horizon. Others, less hopeful, prefer retrospection, psychedelia, and total despair.
Vital Teamwork: Tammio, Weary Eyes, Sonic Death, and Sundoze
The gallows humor in much Russian songwriting today bears a grain of truth. Grim quips about social existence come from a genuine dissatisfaction; as a result, collegiality is valued highly.
A Wise Lyricism: Pianoboy, Bip Soup, Kulakostas, and A.B.S.T.R.A
Unrelated materials from Kiev, Donetsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg offer an insight into some social failings. Four projects all endorse the benefits of solitude, far from social crudity.
Aspirations: Wild Pigs, The Seventh Floor, Silhouette, and Grand Astoria
The noisy garage rock of two young Russian bands is, unexpectedly, a reaction their anxieties. Some grand alternatives to despair - fantasy and boundless optimism - also run into various problems.
Evolution: Bad Samurais, All Tomorrow's Parties, A Model Kit, and Nikomu
The problems of an ailing music industry are considered by several young projects. The solution to a depressing social realm comes in treating music as a tool of self-improvement.
Six Examples of Perseverance: Estonia's Schilling Music Festival 2013
The Schilling Music Festival in Estonia likes to advertise itself in terms of a quiet retreat from showbiz. Nonetheless, several of the local bands embody a spirit of professional persistence.
Mobile Effort: Dai Darogu!, Palac, Z. Vaitshyushkevich, and Drum Ecstasy
Following a series of awards in the Belarusian press, we look at four projects from around the country. What has rock music meant to them and does it still have any connection to the past?
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