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Sounds of Our Environment: Dza, Valotihkuu, Vorobushek, and Talnik
As a handful of new recordings play upon elements of Western hip-hop, 8bit, chill-out, and other styles, one constant theme remains. No matter the desire to sound globally aware, a local focus endures.
In Situ: Sasha Nevolin, Aanbreken, Former Employees, and Deep Shoq
A range of new electronic recordings consider the relationship of sound and space, in terms of escaping one's surroundings. To what degree does noise manage to cancel out ostensible experience?
Somewhere Else: Pixelord, Gidropony, Mana Island, and Misha Sultan
Looking for inspiration, these four new recordings often turn to the sound of prior decades. They also invoke distant places, ranging from the UK, France, or Spain to Romania and South Africa.
Four Kinds of Escape: Gorbach, Curly Brown, Tapecut, and MBMK
Four instrumental producers from Minsk and St. Petersburg see their newest works as an alternative to frustrating, if not awful reality. The worse actuality appears, the more they fantasize.
Seventeen Smiles: Ashnikko, Edgars Zilde, Kask, and Sander Mölder
Seventeen promising DJs, performers, and producers from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia come together in order to improve the general atmosphere of collaboration. A common worldview transpires.
A Better Congregation: BWWWOYS, Kulakostas, 21 Outside, and Kodek
Several electronic publications look back on a fledgling, post-Soviet internet with nostalgia. The sounds and graphic art of the 1990s recall a time when kinder, more inclusive networks might replace ideology.
Different Volumes: Van, TV Maskava, Pivo Srakami, and Cao Sao Vang
Four very different recordings from Russia and Latvia ponder the meaning of a "provincial" location. Some of them fall to black humor or despair; others, however, discover rare comfort in romance.
Accidentally Mystical: Silver Calx 8, Coaxil, ABC Galaxy, and Cao Sao Vang
Electronic works from St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, and Moscow play upon themes of improvisation, accident, and chance. The more that logic is removed from stagecraft, the greater the likelihood of revelation.
Forms of Absence: Oleg Kostrow, Astronaut Ape, Rotrum, and Dead Hands
A series of Russian and Estonian electronic recordings this week are dedicated to the appeal of a distant, "absent" youth. That same distance from adulthood can, however, become anonymity.
Fragile Liberties: Crimson Sails, Ninja Glam, Veins, and DWYSE
Four electronic recordings focus this week upon the likelihood of daydreaming. Drawing upon children's literature and revolutionary history, they ponder the gap between fact and fiction.
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