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Abiding Hopes: Korablove, Siba.Pro, Unlogic Thing, and Kosmonavt
Romantic metaphors inform these new recordings, all borrowed from discussions of open forests, boundless oceans, and "schizoid" thought. Daily life, however, stubbornly refuses to cooperate.
Deep in the Forest: The Electrosound "Melted Elements" Compilation
Moscow's Electrosound label has gathered seven drone or dark ambient compositions together. They are designed to evoke a sense of unease; slowly it becomes clear where such worries originate.
Quiet Exits: Paul Formatick, Alexander Zhakulin, L.O.S., and Vejopatis
A number of tech-house and dub techno releases this week speak fondly of solitude. Both isolation and introspection have a unique significance for those who work online.
A Growing Sense of Distance: Danila Plee, WPCWE, Osmenog, and SiJ
Performers from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Pskov, and Sevastopol cast a doubting eye on modern society. As a result, their materials grow quieter in anticipation of better, more isolated realms.
Wayfaring Sounds: SCSI-9, Mokh, Feldmaus, and Alexander Saykov
Discussions transpire this week regarding the ways in which electronic music lacks an evident center online. Over time, however, the strange benefits of decentered enterprise become clear.
Endless Metamorphoses: The Nenormalizm "Insects" Compilation
The Nenormalizm label has announced a new compilation, bringing together a wide range of artists from neighboring lands. The connection between them all is a celebration of metamorphosis.
Visions: Askaira Indishle, Darkcontrol, Nemnogo_Maxim, and P. Chigarskikh
Several electronic composers investigate audible forms of introspection, but what they find is not always consoling. Sometimes there's a thin line between pronounced lyricism and anxiety.
Sound Waves from Siberia and Beyond: Echotourizm (Volume Three)
The Echotourist organization in Novosibirsk has just published a new compilation of thirteen electronic and electroacoustic artists. Together they help to establish the raison d'être of a local scene.
Broad Horizons: Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, Ayva, and Waterplea
The new releases from Ty23, 4 Pozicii Bruno, Gran+, and Waterplea are all considerations of the unknown. What lies beyond a visible, tangible world is understood in differing ways.
A Growing Silence: Hmot, A.B.S.T.R.A, Karel Böben, and SwallowBreath
A range of new electronic releases from Russia and Ukraine this week endorse a hushed and understated aesthetic. There's a shared conviction that greater insight lies within less noise. The quieter, the wiser.
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