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Just One Letter: Kobra, Awlnight, Sasha Vinogradova, Mariqa & Armanjazz
A series of new publications from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and provincial Belarus all give thought to the slimmest of differences between matters "cosmic and comic."
The Paradox of Joyful Anticipation: Fancy Music's Jazz Recordings
Fancy Music is a discerning Moscow label, publishing both jazz and contemporary classical recordings. Some of those jazz projects form a collective worldview of willing risk and anticipation
Surreal Domains: Smoke Moth, Doe's Mess, Itchy Sky, and Heyoka
Several new electronic recordings paint an increasingly dark picture of social realia. The most persuasive response to civic failings and their dubious logic appears to be "transcendental surrealism."
Jazzator's Debut CD: Eleven Improvisations across Rough Terrain
The Moscow ensemble Jazzator released a debut CD this week, full of trademark improvisation. The significance of those fireworks is clearer when compared with the constraints of daily experience
Venger Collective: Ten People, "One Shared Passion" for Jazzy House
It bears mentioning at the outset of this article that the Moscow jazz musicians under consideration here have nothing to do with this man. With all possible confusion now out of the way, we can say with confidence that the members of Venger Collective do have a lot to do with the following indi...
Acid Cool: The Pefect Solution to Moscow's Winter Traffic Jams
Back in the early days of this site, before fish walked on land, we took a brief look at St Petersburg jazz outfit Acid Cool. At that time there were only a few tracks available, most of which were offered to the public in the clear context of Chet Baker's influence. More specifically, these Rus...
The OpenSpace "Record v2.0" Project: A Brief Guide to the Entries
The Moscow online culture journal OpenSpace recently launched a competition to find new, talented artists in the field of Russian popular music. One could immediately argue that these contests are a dime a dozen nowadays; the more cynical among us would even counter that any such open-format, in...
Kitaygorod: "Phoenix"
Kitai-gorod is an area of downtown Moscow, long known for its narrow, winding streets and centuries-old traditions of trading.  Even today it is brimming with shops and stalls.  Seen from above, it's especially clear that this is a region of busy, small-scale activity, far from the grandeur of...
Mamanet: Ukrainian Jazz Does It Again
Mamanet are from Ukraine, specifically from the town of Kramatorsk in the eastern part of the country.  The band has only been in existence for four years, but is already widely respected for its live displays of electronic jazz.  The band members pride themselves on those shows:  across Mama...
Acid Cool:The Spirit of Chet Baker
Acid Cool take their name from two juxtaposed styles. By their own admission, they draw upon acid jazz in their desire to mix electronically-inspired rhythms (albeit played live!) with jazz harmonies for the dancefloor. We also hear the slow, funk- or soul-sprinkled, repetitious structures that...

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