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Four new publications, stretching from provincial Belarus to Vladivostok, look askance at social existence. The more crudity and/or banality it manifests, the more self-reliance comes to the fore.


All the way from Rome to Moscow and Sochi, four new electronic recordings look askance at social convention. Some respite from tedium is found in a number of absurdist or even "terrorist" tactics


Two new releases from FFM originate in Moscow and Kiev. A couple of solo performers travel parallel trajectories from self-doubt to a less disconcerting state, somewhere on the edge of aspiration.


An air of social disappointment hangs over these recordings, made primarily in Saint Petersburg. As adult experience appears to offer little, the importance of prior cultural landmarks only starts to grow.
From the artist: "This album is a collection of peaceful field recordings and boundless soundscapes, together with subtle details and some warm bass-lines" // Lumi – это умиротворяющие полевые записи, безграничные звуковые ландшафты с добавлением тонких деталей и теплых басс линий.
A desire for continuity - whatever the cost! - is reflected in FFM44 by the new Kievan solo project known simply as Vova. The gentleman responsible for these lo-fi instrumentals is Volodymyr Protsenko. A reticent soul, he prefers the quotations of others to any wordy self-statement. One of his chosen and more inspirational quotes draws upon the promise of natural rhythms. The following lines come from Ray Bradbury; they discern both comfort and consistency amid the highs and lows of the four seasons: "Love - is when you want to experience with someone all four seasons. When you want to run with someone from a spring storm strewn with lilac flowers in the summer picking berries and swim in the river. Autumn with jam and seal the windows from the cold. Winter - to help survive a runny nose and long evenings"
Nikolay Moiseenko is a Moscow resident who operates under the peculiar stage name of Nik Snake F. His desire to discuss either present or prior projects - in any form - is minimal. Instead he claims to seek noiseless "inspiration wherever contrasts may be found. My sound itself can be considered a combination of two opposing elements: a love for my urban environment and a pull towards the endless beauty of nature." Prior Nik Snake F releases - for example in Spain - have been lauded for their interplay of "soft glitch and ambient loops." Formal repetitions and thematic differences inform one another, on the edge of a major city where human industry impinges upon the sprawling mechanisms of nature.
Atariame is otherwise known as Natasha Salmina, a solo performer originally from Izhevsk. That city, musically speaking, has long-standing connections to Russia's industrial heritage - in the musical sense of harsh electronica. Salmina, however, has now moved to Saint Petersburg, where she operates between discord and an earnest lyricism. A town associated with both avant-garde sounds and armament factories is swapped for wind and rain along a Baltic coastline. Just like Lava Lite, so Atariame has also experimented with lo-fi or domestic recordings on an MP3 player. The results would lead to some flattering parallels in the Russian press with Cat Power. She recalls: "When I was young, I'd read album reviews in teen magazines - this was a time before the net was readily available. I couldn't hear what those LPs were actually like, so I'd imagine them, instead. I tried writing something similar [to my fantasies]. Eventually I would come across the real recordings; I was always surprised and disappointed. I knew henceforth I should only write whatever I hear [in my head]."